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               Empire Business Solution Inc. Professional Services has a number of packaged and customized services designed to help you:
      • Compete more effectively in a global environment.
      • Transform and modernize your application.
      • Plan and manage your projects more efficiently.
      • Improve operational performance.
      • Get all you can from your application.

              We understand where you're going, and how to get you there faster. Empire Business Solution Inc. Professional Services will not propose a single engagement until we demonstrate how it will make a positive impact on your essential business goals.

              Empire Business Solution Inc., has earned the trust of customers across various markets in Pharmaceutical, HealthCare, Banking, Insurance, Government Organisation, Retail , Rental & Leasing, Auto & Truck Manufacturers and Media.

Partial List of our Clients include :

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      • Enterprise Rent-a-Car.
      • Henry Schein.
      • Kellwood.
      • Novartis.
      • Schering-Plough.
      • Target, UK.
      • TIAA-CREF .
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